We quite often take life for granted, and don’t realize significant impacts in our existence. Touch is enlightening, powerful and remarkable. A simple pat on the back can boost belief in ourselves, while a squeeze of the hand helps us to become fearless individuals. The simple action of touch helps strengthen relationships with others, it can foster connections, influence, communicate, and heal. The human touch is eternal and supple, and here are a few reasons to garner touch in our lives.


Both Nurturing and Uplifting

Research shows that when there is a greater amount of physical affection during recovery, the faster someone begins to restore themselves. Doctors encourage and advise people to aid in the recovery of their loved one. A touch can simply nurture and uplift someone who’s suffering a tremendous amount of stress and pain.


Building Trust to Strengthen Relationships

Trust is earned, but touch can also help bond a relationship. Simple body language such as eye contact, a smile, or friendly pat on the shoulder also establishes a connection with someone. These simple gestures develop trust and builds a relationship with others.


Reduce Stress

Without a doubt the human touch can take the steam out of stress. It could be a gentle cuddle, a warm embrace, the holding of hands, all can help you to relax and wipe away your stress. Any touch, lasting for more than a second can pacify physiological responses to stress, by lowering blood pressure and the stress hormone known as cortisol.


Bonds People Closer

Oxytocin is fondly known as the “cuddle chemical.” This is normally produced by the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus and released by the posterior pituitary. The back portion of the pituitary, is a small gland in the head called the master gland. It plays a vital role in the social bonding and brings people closer. Oxytocin nurtures feelings of trust and connectedness while reducing cortisol. This hormone is released by twenty seconds of affectionate touching like hugging, gentle stroking, holding of hands, and back rubbing.


Enhance Personal Well-Being

Whenever a loved one gets hurt, physically or emotionally, our immediate response is to hold them or give them an emotional anchor. Being loved and accepted enhances our perception, and the way we see ourselves – our life. A continuous and consistent human touch gives each of us strength and courage through the toughest days of our lives.

A simple touch is a simple reminder that nurtures awareness in our relationships with others. The importance of touch is a powerful tool in connecting relationships throughout the world. Touch significantly impacts our existence.

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