When we read a book, we are fueling our brains. An inspirational story can act like a flame to that fuel, which ignites our souls. Through reading we learn stories of new beginnings, meet people and share in their wonderful experiences. Books are our nourishment. Once we start reading, our minds welcome another reality and through the written word we find ourselves identifying with any number of characters. Discover how an inspirational book affects our own humanity and makes us better people.


Improves Empathy Skills


Why not think of your brain as a muscle. To strengthen our muscles, we go to the gym to lift weights and exercise. Similar to the way one would enhance their voice, by obtaining a voice coach and attending music lessons.  By reading an inspirational book, we can develop our emotional intelligence. Tom Horvath, who is a Clinical Psychologist and President of Practical Recovery in San Diego, Calif, said that from a lifestyle balance perspective, reading is an essential activity for most people. It is the most efficient way to learn a great deal of things. This is indeed true, as we came across the pages of the inspirational story and learn about the problems people have, but no matter the severity, we still need to reach goals and fight life’s battles. An inspirational story allows us to feel the very words on the page, it touches our hearts, and allows us to sense the emotions of the writer. One such example is the autobiography of Eric Inouye entitled Small Steps, Long Journey, whose story will surely keep your brain crisp and alert. This masterpiece allows us to travel mentally, feel the emotions, explore places, and meet new people. The kind of book that beckons inspiration from your own life and challenges.



Enhances Personality


Reading is a solitary endeavor that allows you to learn about people, places and events. Books open a window and allow one’s mind to discover and strengthen their own lives. One can see themselves in the pages they are reading and relate to different situations. Each one of us overcome challenges in our lives, but the intensity will always differ. Life has challenges around every corner, but we must remember there is strength in numbers. Eric Inouye believes this because he had his family, friends and therapists work their magic in the toughest of times. Their encouragement and guidance motivated him to share his story with other people who may be in a similar situation. Therefore, reading the inspiring story Small Steps, Long Journey, means to encourage and enhance your own personality.


Start by picking up a good book and enjoy the benefits of reading. We can bring to life the visions of our minds and be inspired by well-written stories.

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