Small Steps, Long Journey


Small Steps, Long Journey is an autobiography that narrates Eric’s struggle to survive an accident where a drunk driver drove through a RED light and violently struck Eric’s vehicle as he entered the intersection. Eric had been hit so hard he fell comatose for 63 days. Travel with Eric as he navigates his way through obstacles that were not there before. On his journey of survival, Eric candidly expresses his emotions and reconnects with his father.
Family and friends have been with him through his traumatic ordeal, first during his lengthy coma and struggles in rehabilitation, but it’s Eric who takes readers inside the relatively unknown disabled community. In the beginning, Eric couldn’t even lift a fork to his mouth, but over time, he develops the strength and courage to function in society without assistance.
Eric sets out on a voyage of discovery, where he expresses his confusion and frustration. In these pages…Eric’s story is meant to encourage anyone injured physically or emotionally.

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