Odds are stacked against you in the beginning. Start slow. We gotta learn to crawl before we can walk. Set your goals small…reach them and naturally set your goals further. You must test and push yourself before you can reach or obtain any goal. Teach yourself to escape the situation and become a brave soul. After sustaining injuries, one struggles with their emotions, physical impairment and quite often a psychological disability. Discover strategies to help manage your life.


Mind over Matter

Author Eric Inouye survived physical injuries, but his youth and immaturity caused anxiety as well. Anxiety is manifested by worry. Suddenly he awoke from a coma, and he had zero life sustaining abilities. He could not perform the basic skills required to function in society. He not only felt scared, he became hesitant with his life and had very little energy to be a part of life. Eric focused on what he could do and reached for more every day. Soon enough his anxiety began to diminish. He took Small Steps, on his Long Journey.


Allowing Others to Help is not a Weakness

Life is tough. At first, one may not be able to care for themselves so it’s important to be able to reach out and ask for help. Learn to swallow your pride and be a mature person who is unafraid to claim their weakness. Almost always you can rely on family to help and sometimes strangers will help as well, but never lose focus on your main goal…to be able to help yourself.


Focus on the Positives

Enjoy the Possibilities. It’s better to focus on what is possible, instead of allowing the negative break you down and raise your anxiety levels. Concentrate on your well-being and remember what delivers a boost of energy to your spirit. You will develop confidence when you emphasize what is in your grasp.


Care for Yourself

Allow yourself to recover. It’ll be impossible to accomplish all of your goals on the first day. Remember to stay positive and set goals that are obtainable, then strive to further your goals. Caring for yourself begins with what you put in your body. One cannot expect your body to cooperate if it isn’t cared for, so eat a balanced diet and be sure to get enough sleep.


Treatment and Support

Seek professional help for treatment and support. This is important to do right away. Medical professionals are there to help you recover and avoid bad habits. You may not want to suffer through the pain or if it hurts you might be doing it incorrectly. Naturally, you will experience uncomfortableness, but remember to struggle early on because life’s activities will be easier later. It’s better to struggle early than to fight an uphill battle later.  Take pride in yourself and build your inner character.

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