The famous Game of Thrones writer, George R.R. Martin quoted that, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” This is true because it is through reading that we discover new places, meet new people we’ll never know, and know the best stories around the world, both the fiction and non-fiction stories. With the book’s prowess to let us live a thousand lives and help us become a better person, behind those words is an excellent writer whose talent fill in the life of our favorite scenes, quotes, and characters that are delivered to us beyond the pages. Here are some of the best inspirational story writers who have inspired us to live more fully and creatively.

Paulo Coelho

Globally appealing, the Twitter active author, excessively quotable, with readers all over the world – this is Paulo Coelho. He’s a wonderful writer that has published 30 books of fiction, poetry, spiritual guidance and selling tens of millions of copies in as many as 70 languages. His life is an inspiration to his readers and it is where he gets his thoughts, ideas, concepts, and storyline of his world breaking books. With Paulo Coelho’s style of writing, we can certainly get a lesson on how we should write our very own book! He writes with words commonly used, he appeals to the emotions of his readers, he relates his story to real life situations, and he delivers the story by showing to his readers what is really happening. This is one of the most needed attributes of an author, the ability to SHOW and not to TELL. Most of all, he has always shown to the world his brand as an author, he doesn’t forget to retain his identity as a writer with all the books that he has written.

Mitch Albom

We will always be reminded by Tuesdays with Morrie, this is a real life story of inspiration just like Eric Inouye’s Small Steps, Long Journey. This is the story that introduced Mitch Albom to the entire world. The book made hundreds of thousands of people cry, but most of all, the story taught us the wonderful lessons about life, how to enjoy it, and the right way to see our very own lives. Just like Author Inouye’s book, Mitch Albom masterpiece’s would like to help us see our new beginnings and touch our hearts about the reality of life and living. The novel was also adopted into a movie and has influenced more lives. Mitch Albom will teach us that when you write your story honestly and you put all your life and emotions in it, it will always influence people and the readers will then patronize you. Now, Mitch was able to publish 42 books and sold millions of copies worldwide.

Nicholas Sparks

Who would ever forget A Walk to Remember, Dear John, The Notebook and other books written by Nicholas Sparks. He is the author that touched millions of lives, because of how he clearly, and emotionally writes his books. He is a remarkable author when it comes to inspirational and love stories. He always shows people through his novels that no matter what, love just like life, it is worth having and worth fighting. Sparks is the author that will teach us, that you don’t need to put magic spells, castles, and other flowery details on your work, as long as it is realistic, appealing, honest, and made with passion, it will always reach people. With his talent he was able to produce 23 books that have touched people’s hearts, passion, life, and thoughts.

These authors will surely tell us about the wonders of life, love, faith, difficulties, and more. If you’re looking for a new author to be known and a new story to influence your life, read Eric Inouye’s autobiography book, Small Steps, Long Journey and discover his story from the day of the accident, to his nine-week coma to his recovery. It is a story worth reading and sharing just like The Alchemist, Tuesdays with Morrie, and The Notebook.

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