The Top Things That Everyone Who Faced Depression Should Put In Their Hearts and Minds

Luarell K. Hamilton said, “There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” This is true, depression is one of the most helpless emotional experiences that any person needs to live through. This is a battle that will test our brave soul and will see how far we can take it ‘till we reach our new beginning. Depression is not something that we can ignore, it is something that we should face and overcome. Whether you are the person who’s suffering from depression or if you are someone whose loved one is suffering, the following are the simple steps that are carefully written to ease the pain that you might have.


It’s Supposed to Hurt

Depression is the feeling of being lost, the feeling of being despondent, and the feeling of absolutely nothing at all. It is the very confusion of what we feel that makes us EMPTY! This emptiness makes us vulnerable to pain. If you have lost a loved one, just recovered from an accident, or someone who faces a lot of problems, you need to think that IT IS SUPPOSED TO HURT! Tough life situations are bound to lead us to depression, but the decision is ours, it is a choice! Will you allow depression to torment you, or would get up and go on with your life?


Start With A Simple Routine

Don’t attempt to “shake off” depression, by being too hard on yourself and trying to accomplish big things. It is important that you start with small things like getting out of bed and thinking positive. You may also choose to do something different each week, it could be a walk around the block, getting together with your family, attending therapy sessions, or reading a book before going to bed. Sooner or later, these simple routines will turn into days and so on. You just need to trust the process and do it consistently.


Seek Professional Help

You need to talk about the ugly things that are haunting you. You need to see someone that will surely help you. If you believe that your depression worsens, then you should enlist yourself with the aid of a doctor. They are there to help you get over the madness that you are in. They are the people who are educated and trained to help you with your situation, let them help and find your way to recovery.


Read an Inspirational Story

There are a lot of unexpected things that could happen in our lives and depression is only one of them. Just remember to look at the brighter side and seek inspiration from other people.  An example of an inspirational story is the autobiography of Author Eric Inouye, who survived a nine-week coma and the challenges he faces in his life. Once you read his latest book, you will see how your very own story unfolds through the pages of his masterpiece. You need to see a life that has overcome big challenges, for you to see your own success story.


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