Read Eric’s real motivational story and see why it is such an inspirational story. In Small Steps, Long Journey- read how Eric’s life is a roller coaster full of highs and lows. Each person’s energy level fluctuates, so it is easy to lose a battle, but Eric’s short novel will remind readers to stay positive and NOT lose the war. Ignite your determination in your attitude… Eric reminds us to remember a smile is easier than a frown. We should also feel our face relax when we smile and to take a breath to calm our nerves.

Success Not Easy

Very rarely do we find success overnight; instead we must remain vigilant in achieving our goals. Eric didn’t expect to fight for survival, especially after just graduating high school, but that’s what happened when a drunk driver drove through a red light. After surviving a brutal accident, his life would never be the same, but Eric remembered how his father taught him to make adjustments on the field and suddenly, his priorities became those of enduring tragedy. In Small Steps, Long Journey readers are reminded to stay focused in achieving simple goals on your way to reaching the prize.

Mistakes Happen

There is no straight line to success. Plans rarely go as designed. It’s unfortunate, but life just gets in the way. Overcoming obstacles is part of everyday life, and Eric found himself discovering his own survival skills. His youth allowed him to forge ahead without hesitation, especially when he got lost in confusion. Eric competed in sports at the high school level, but without notice those skills had vanished. After waking from a nine-week coma, Eric didn’t have the ability to stand or walk. His equilibrium would not cooperate, and to add to his bewilderment he had no speech to ask questions. Eric’s own body wouldn’t react like his own. Read his book, Small Steps, Long Journey to discover how he reached for more and remained positive.

Success Equals Possibililty

Small Steps, Long Journey, narrates real-life experiences of the author, Eric Inouye who, demonstrates his brave soul as he takes on tragedy and finds motivation to overcome personal heartache. His book describes to the reader how one can stay in control when life goes terribly wrong and be able to . Eric reached deep into the center of his heart and found courage to overcome the mountain that stood before him. Travel with Eric as he takes calculated Small Steps, throughout his Long Journey.

Take the Lead

When you’re on top, someone always wants to knock you down. Being knocked down is what life is all about. Living a good life also includes persevering and standing back up. After being hit so hard, Eric fell comatose for 63 days, and readers will be able to detect his beautiful spirit as he battles unimaginable torment. Once Eric awoke from his coma, family and friends supplied him with the strength and courage to meet whatever obstacle stood in his way. Eric liked the challenge, but certainly not the situation. Eric had a mindset that allowed him to keep a smile on his face, even though he had insecurities inside. Eric required the aid of a loving family, respect from talented therapists and meaningful friends, who made his recovery possible. Draw your own inspiration from Small Steps, Long Journey.

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