Eric Inouye’s story will encourage readers to be courageous in their own lives. He ran on adrenaline in the sports he played, where his father instilled the fundamentals of baseball in him. Before he could develop `bad habits’ his father guided him away from mistakes, and Eric believes his achievements came from the time he spent with his father. These are lessons that each of us can accomplish.

Fearless in Becoming a Man

At the onset of his young adult life, Eric never imagined a drunk driver would crash into his vehicle. Just weeks before his 18th birthday, Eric lay comatose, where family and friends surrounded him in support. Having just graduated high school, without a care in the world, Eric’s life just got REAL and full of challenges to overcome. For nine weeks he did not respond, but one morning his mother slid an ice cube in his mouth and got a reaction.

His Badge of Courage

Eric has written about his experience in and out of a coma, where he even takes the reader behind closed doors of therapy. The story is full of pain and loneliness, but Eric found the courage in his optimism. His young age didn’t allow him to give up, instead he just took Small Steps on his Long Journey. A TRUE story of inspiration for readers to enjoy.

Perseverance Never Gets Old

Eric’s passion for life became threatened by the accident, but his spirit overcame his physical tragedy. Eric found determination in his soul to progress and be an inspiration to people who need optimism in their lives. Discover Eric’s methods of rehabilitation… Not always conventional, but effective. Eric persevered with grit and determination.

Change is Good

Eric’s story will open our eyes to the possibilities that we can create for ourselves. He is a man with simple hopes, dreams, challenges, failures and successes. Find strength in Eric’s character as he delivers a powerful first person experience of his attempts to mainstream back into the life he once took for granted. Find yourself carrying a copy of his book, “Small Steps, Long Journey” and life will shine.

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